Oxylift – Facelift System

Designed for in-home use, the Oxylift Oxygenated Facelift System offers the same technology used by skin-care therapists in professional beauty salons around the world to perform an oxygen facial. Oxylift is a small, electric, hand-held device that creates  high frequency, low level micro current pulsations that massage your skin at up to 164,000 cycles per second to instantly give your skin a youthful lift and glow while at the same time creating enriched oxygen to nourish, cleanse and purify your skin’s surface. This stimulation boost collagen production so your lines and wrinkles will smooth out and your skin will be lifted. Here are just a few reasons why Oxylift will benefit you:

  • Immediate results
  • Fast & Easy—just 2-3 minutes each morning and night
  • Portable and convenient—you can use it anywhere
  • Effective for any skin type
  • Cost effective, non-invasive and natural

What does Oxylift do for my skin?

The Oxylift Oxygenated Facelift System creates a mini-massage that stimulates, purifies and cleanses the skin with direct pulsations. Regardless of your age and skin type, Oxylift creates immediate and powerful results:

  • Diminishes appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, sags, and puffiness
  • Restores youthful glow to dull, tired skin
  • Revitalizes and stimulates the skin’s surface
  • Gives the appearance of skin definition and tone
  • Reduces appearance of pore size
  • Creates enriched oxygen to nourish, cleanse and purify your skin’s surface
  • Helps promote your skin’s natural rejuvenating process

 IN STORE PRICE: $199.99

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