Our Services:

1. Pain Relief in 90 seconds… Yes come into Marks Pharmacy and experience decreased or eliminated  pain in only 90 SECONDS!!  You must feel the difference before you buy.
2. Pain relief using Light Therapy
3. Pain relief using Pulsed Magnetic Therapy: https://www.markspharmacydelta.com/pulsed-magnetic-replicating-system/
4.  We will fill your prescription in 15 minutes or we will deliver it for FREE.
5. How do you know your supplements are working….. We can find out in 30 SECONDS just by a painless scan of  the palm of your hand.
6.  Medication reviews… We review your current supplements and medications & check for any drug interactions .  We also check if your are suffering not signs of aging but side-effects from your current medications
7. Education on your disease state and how to cope and improve your health without drugs.
– Asthma
– Diabetes
– High blood pressure
– Heart disease
– Chronic heart burn
– Chronic pain