PEMF Imrs 2000

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The IMRS 2000 is approved for use in Canada to

  1. Help control pain.
  2. Improve circulation.

See below to how PEMF works.

What is PEMF?

PEMF is energy that heals and as such it is energy medicine. But PEMF is also is an essential element of health so it both nourishes and heals, like chicken soup for your biofield or energy body (the holographic field of energy and information serving as a blueprint for the body).

PEMF is Natural and all around us in the Earth’s Geomagnetic fields and Schumann resonances.

PEMF stands for Pulsed ElectroMagneticFields and PEMFs are magnetic fields that change with time, or sometimes called time varying magnetic fields.

Most of us are familiar with magnetic fields like refrigerator magnets, horseshoe magnets, and visualizing magnetic fields with Iron filings, but PEMFs are similar but instead of a constant magnetic field, you have a magnetic field that is vibrating. Image a static bubble vs a vibrating bubble. And because PEMF is a vibrating or changing magnetic field, it can work in ways that static magnets cannot.

Did you know you can use current loops (solenoids) to create an identical magnetic field that a magnet gives us?

That is, we can use electricity to create magnetism (Ampere’s Law) with a loop of current. But unlike a static magnet, we can vary the current in all kinds of ways with different waveforms, frequencies and intensities while static magnets ONLY vary in size and intensity.



We have know since ancient times in Ancient Greece, Egypt (Cleopatra was said to wear a lodestone on her third eye) and Chinese medicine that magnets can be used to heal. The ancients knew that the magnetic fields from lodestones (natural magnets made of magnetite) had healing properties.

But it was only in the late 1970s and 80s that Eastern European studies discovered PEMFs worked better and faster than static magnets.

Frequencies of the Earth’s Magnetic Field

Most people know the earth has a big magnetic field similar to a bar magnet, but most people do NOT know that the Earth’s magnetic field has a frequency to it.

There are two main sources for these Earth Magnetic frequencies.

The first is the Geomagnetic frequencies (0-3 Hz) that result from the solar winds vibrating the large natural geomagnetic frequency. While the effects are subtle, it most definitely creates a dynamic magnetic field with variation and frequency. That is, the earth is NOT a big static bar magnet. See the video, below, just recently NASA published this footage showing that the Earth’s magnetic field indeed vibrates like a drum!

Then there are the Schumann Resonances coming from the Ionosphere DOWN! The Schumann resonances come from the space between the ionosphere and the surface of the earth that acts (like a musical instrument) as a big cavity resonator. Roughly 7 million lightning stikes around the globe “ring” this cavity to the fundamental tune of 7.83 Hz along with higher harmonics.

So these Geomagnetic and Schumann frequencies from the earth ARE natural PEMF therapy. The earth is PEMF not static magnetic therapy! We are literally getting PEMF from the earth daily.

Body – Mind – Heart Earth Connection

Like the Earth , Our Bodies ALSO have a pulsating or vibrating Magnetic field that changes with time.

SQUID magnetometers (SQUID = Superconducting Quantum Interference Device) are extremely sensitive magnetic field detectors that can detect our magnetic field up to 15 feet into space! That is, our body does NOT end at our skin but rather extends limitlessly into space!

Dr Zimmerman, Dr Seto in Japan, and others have shown that the biomagnetic frequencies of the human body, heart and mind are almost identical to what the earth is giving us!

Heartmath has shown the heart and breathing frequencies are linking up to the Geomagnetic frequencies where the brain and nervous system are linked to the Schumann Resonance frequencies!

Our body, mind and hearts are deeply connected to these frequencies of the Earth’s magnetic fields. We have been bathing in them for millions of years of evolution of life on earth! And through evolution we have learned to harness these natural energies to power up our cells and synchronize our biorhythms.

That is, Earth based PEMF is an ESSENTIAL element of health, just like food, water, air and sunshine!

Evidence of the deep interconnection with the Earth is seen by the similarity between Brain Rhythms and Schumann ALONG with studies of biomagnetism showing the human body EMITS the same frequencies the earth is giving us.

Luc Montagnier nobel prize winner further showed evidence that the Schumann Perhaps Spark of DNA formation. So perhaps lightning did spark life, but in a different way (lightning creates Schumann waves).

Solution – Vitamin P for PEMF Electro-ceuticals!

We SUPPLEMENT with an earth inspired PEMF

Just like Senate Document 264 that was released in 1936 showed that our soils and food was deficient in minerals and that we should probably take nutritional supplements, we also NOW need to take energetic or ELECTRO-CEUTICALS to give us this much needed ESSENTIAL energy from the earth that we just are not getting enough of.



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